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Potato Creek Trail Runs Weekend Schedule

Schedule for Race weekend:
Friday August 8th:

We strongly suggest that you take advantage of early packet pick up located at
Fleet Feet Sports.  They are open from 10AM-7PM EST.  This will allow you greater time during the morning of the race, making it less hectic for everyone. I understand not everyone can make it out there or has the means to travel that far from the park.  We will offer packet pick up at the park the morning of the race.

Saturday August 9th:

7:00 AM - Park is officially open.  Potato Creek State Park
7:00 AM-  Packet Pickup begins at the beach.  When entering the park follow the signs for the beach located on the north shore of the lake.  We will also have signs to help direct you to the start finish area from the entrance of the park.

7:15 AM - Course meeting with Ultra Runners. Drop bags taken to Nature Center Aid Station.

7:30 AM - Early Ultra Runners are off.

7:45 AM- Course meeting with 1/2 and Marathon runners.

8:00 AM - Group Prayer, Bag Pipes and Start.

The course will remain open 10 hours from 8 AM. One will need to maintain a 15 minute mile for 38 miles in order to finish before the course closes.  We have not in 3 years clocked anyone out, nor forced anyone off the course.  We hope to continue this trend. Please run in accordance to your training regimen.

The Course:
The old Garmin Map course for last year is accurate as far as the route. We have tweaked the course to make it flow better and to limit any course confusion. 
 I messed with the miles and a few connecting trails on the Mountain bike course to make it as accurate as possible. The hiking trails are 6.1 miles and the Mountain Bike single track as set up is right around 6.4/ 6.5  miles. The start finish area has a .45 mile Spur ( one way ) to the trails.  This total distance is factored into the route only once. Garmin 310xt info:

DO's and DON'Ts:

 Bring bug spray, sun screen, and a head covering.  Why a head covering? 
Bandana, Buff, or hat will keep the Horse flys off.  No amount of insect repellant keeps these buggers at bay.  I never met anyone fast enough to out run them.

 Worry about trail shoes vs. Road Shoes.  This course is very friendly for the first time trail runner.

 Bring a hydration system with you.  I STONGLY SUGGEST you carry your own hydration system with you. (ie. hand held water bottle, hydration pack or what-have-you).  The Aid Stations are no more than 3.5 miles apart.  It will be hot so plan accordingly for method of water intake.